KAOS YARN wishes to inspire you to self indulgence and color courage - with a clean conscience!



I am Pia Bojer and I am the woman behind KAOS. I founded KAOS YARN in 2017 with a focus on sustainability and vibrant, fashionable colours.  

People often ask me to the KAOS name. It is a name that has followed me for many years on social media, and to me it expresses the ability to embrace imperfection. Chaos is where new - and often the best - ideas are born and were we reach a higher understanding of ourselves. It doesn't mean chaos should rule our lives, but it is an undeniable part of creating harmony and balance. For visiual purposes I kept the danish spelling of the word.


My vision is to inspire you to have color courage and to explore what colors can do for your mood and your well being- with a clean conscience. 

I have created a soft yarn of the highest quality and put sustainability on top of the agenda. The coloruniverse is inspired not only by fashion, but also from an insight of what colors can do to our mood and feelings.

By using the language of color you can express and empower yourself. The palet shows a wide range of human strengths to explore and find your colorful nature. 


Feel free to follow me and my KAOS on social media or my newsletter (so far in Danicsh only) to get even more knowledge of the characteristics of colors and lots of inspiration on colors, knits - and get a look behind the scenes of my business. 

Thank you for your interest, I hope you enjoy my KAOS universe.