KAOS YARN has a mission to inspire all yarn lovers with beautiful, luxurious and hand dyed yarns and beautiful knitwear design! 
The yarn is hand dyed in small batches, so every skein receives loving attention



The woman behind KAOS YARN is me - Pia, a DK-based indiedyer, driven by a great passion for colorful yarns and modern knitwear design! I simply cannot stop being creative. 

I have been drawing, painting, knitting, crocheting, doing paper crafts - and about every thing I found to put my hands on for as long as I can remember. Classical figure drawing and Character Animation is my professional education, and I have worked in the computer games and animation industry for next to 10 years telling stories.


But the yarn slowly took over! A little knitting evolved into a lot of knitting, and it became evident that the passion for yarn needed more room to grow. Little stories needed to be told in the language of colors and knitting - KAOS YARN is where these stories are told.


Chaos is for me where ideas come to life. When everything is a mess because a new idea must be tested in the dyepot or on the needles. During the dying process the stories or atmosphere take form and reveal themselves. Hopefully these atmospheres and stories find their way on to your needles and hooks and give you many enjoyable hours of crafting.


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