Pia - I'm the woman behind KAOS YARN, and I'm driven by a great passion for colorful yarn, modern knitwear design and sustainability. 

Colorful knits makes me happy. My univers is a mix of bold colors and modern nordic tones, which compliments each other so well. It is of great importance to me that fibers are of the finest quality and that the yarn is sustainably produced, with focus of the wellbeing of people, animals and the environment. 

A knit or crochet project takes many hours to finish, and the better quality of the garnment, the more likely you are to keep it all of your life.

Many people ask me: "Why KAOS?". The KAOS name has followed me for many years on social media - because I make a lot of mess in my creative process. Every idea gets started at once and the caotic process is necessity in my work. I have chosen to embrace the process and see the beauty and harmony in it. 

Welcome to my KAOS!

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