Put emphasis on sustainability and freshen up your knits instead of washing it 

KAOS YARN is made from 100% GOTS certified organic fibres. The untreated fibres insulates well and leads moist away from your body, but absorbs very little smell. An easy and sustainable way of freshen up your knits is to hang it outside in the shadow, preferably in damp weather. Or you can hang in your bathroom during a shower. This is a very gentle treatment, making your knit last even longer. 


A wash is a must your newly finished knits to gets it's right look. But afterwards you only need to wash if there are stains. You can wash your knits by hand or in your machine on wool programme with wool detergent. To be sure you should test your machine by washing a knitted swatch first. After wash refrein from twisting the water out by hand - in stead you can gently squeeze it out or give it a spin in your washing mashine. 

If you are washing multi colored knits with great color contrast, add a little vinegar to the water to avoin bleeding of the colors. 


Last step is to gently stretch your knit into shape and put to dry flat on a towel, or pinned with needled on a foam pad to define the shape. This is particularly good for shawls with lace pattern or blankets.