To make your finished project look it's absolute best, I recomend washing and blocking it before use.



KAOS YARN is not Superwash treated, so it cannot be washed in an ordinary colored wash. Wash it either by hand, or in the washing machine on wool programme at 30°C/80°F using a wool detergent. If you have an old machine, that you have had bad experiences with when washing wool, I recommend washing by hand. To be safe you should knit or chrochet a little test and wash it first. When hand washing wool, it is important to avoid rubbing or twisting. Too much friction causes the fibres to felt. When all the detergent is rinsed out, you can gently squeeze out the water.


After being washed, your project can either be stretched into shape on a towel and dry for instance in the bathroom on the warm floor heating - or blocked with pins on a foam pad, to define the shape. Blocking is especially good for shawls and blankets with lace patterns - but every project will look more beautiful when blocked!


After use, your knitted or crocheted project do not need to be washed often. Instead of washing, try hanging it outside in damp or windy weather, or in the bathroom, while you shower to freshen it up. Wash only if it is visibly dirty. After washing it you need to block it again.

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