KAOS YARN wishes to inspire you to self indulgence and color courage - with a clean conscience!


KAOS YARN is spun of soft, organic and biodegradable fibres. The quality is very high making your creations last for years, minimizing the carbon footprint.

The wool fibres are certified organic, a guarantee for animal welfare and ethical working conditions. This also means that no mulesing is performed on the animals and the yarn is not SuperWash treated and there is full traceability of the fibres.

The nature white color NATURAL is GOTS certified. 

The pigments and the dyeing process follow European regulation regarding toxic free dyes and enviromental concerns.

The family owned spinning mill in Peru is Fair Trade certified, ensuring good working condition for the employees. 

Sustainability is present in all aspects of KAOS YARN. All printing is certified with the Danish Swan Eco Label, and all paper used is FSC certified. Freight packaging is chosen to minimize the volume used during transportation.