KAOS YARN has a mission to inspire all yarn lovers with beautiful, luxurious and hand dyed yarns and beautiful knit wear design!
The yarn must be sustainable and of the highest quality and most importantly, it needs to be soft!



KAOS YARN is only dyed on sustainable fibres. The wool comes from animals that lives in the best conditions and all steps in the production line from wool to yarn focuses on reducing the environmental footprint. Also none of KAOS YARN fibres are Superwash-treated and they are dyed considering the environment.


Superwash is the trademark name for a chemical treatment which makes the wool easier to handle, both in production and for the consumer. Superwash treatment is used to improve the fibres’ ability to be washed normally without felting or shrinking, but unfortunately it is a burden for the environment.

Superwash is a treatment with chlorine gas that removes the outer scales of the fibres and coat them with a thin layer of plastic. A lot of chlorine is let out with the waste water from the production, and it causes pollution in the surrounding area.

Some argue that Superwash wool still has the same properties with this plastic layer, since it is very thin. Others believe the Superwash wool should be referred to as a synthetic material, and that it no longer has the same insulating and moisture wicking properties as untreated wool.


Mulesing is the removal of skin folds from the breech area of merino sheep. This procedure is usually performed without anesthesia and is very painful for the sheep.

Mulesing is performed to avoid flies laying eggs in the sheep's skin folds, but the sheep can be spared maggot infestation through more humane methods, including special diets and breeding programmes to get sheep with less skinfolds.

KAOS YARN is from NewMerino® and certified sustainable and guaranteed mulesing free.


KAOS YARN is dyed with acid colors, which is named after the coloring process, that requires lowering of the pH value. This is done by adding a little household vinegar or citric acid, commonly used in cooking and for descaling coffee machines.

KAOS YARN is dyed using citric acid to avoid vinegar smell. There is focus on minimizing the use of color, water and electricity during the process. The water is reused several times to ensure the waste water is free of residual color, and the yarn is dried out in the open..

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